Leadership Skills for Youth Workers (Braveheart 2)

Leading the winter expedition

Leadership Skills for Youth Workers was a three-phase training course about strengthening and advancing youth leadership skills for youth workers held between February and August 2019 in the Czech Republic.

It was the second edition of this training, after the first one held in 2017. During the training course, participants deepened their knowledge and skills in the field of leadership skills and practiced their application within their youthwork in their home countries.

The 25 participants from 7 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Spain) took part in 8-days experiential training course (February 2019, Broumovsko), 4-days methodical training course (May 2019, Sloup v Čechách), then prepared and led the training course/workshop/seminar/event/activity in their home country. The participants met again in August 2019 in the Czech Republic (Broumovsko again) to evaluate their learning proces and present their projects. 

The winter phase was based on the challenge of 3-days winter expedition, which gave the participant opportunity to test their leadership skills. Each participant led one of the expedition groups for half of the day. We improved the Youth Leadership Competence Model, both in terms of content and design so that participants could reflect their leadership skills more in detail. Each participant had opportunity to evaluate their skills thanks to Leadership Benchmarking Tool based on the Competence Model.  

During the spring phase the participants focused on chosen youth leadership skills they needed to develop on workshops (e.g. motivation, leadership styles, designing and leading activities, conflict management). Afterwards they presented their own learning projects for the summer period, which they presented in August session and evaluated there their learning process. We used case studies discussion, Balint Groups and Open Space sessions to further deepen participants’ learning. Next to it, we experienced a lot of fun during experiential games and activities. Magic moments happened while visiting charming rocks of Adršpach, hunting benches in Sloup and during many rituals. 

In the interphases between meetings, we asked participants to create and share short Progress videos showing their learning process and thus keeping it going. We used the Padlet platform to maintain communication within the group and within the coaching groups – smaller groups of participants, who met, discussed and reflected their learning and goals many times during the phases and also on Skype meetings in the interphases. 

The project outcomes are:

Youth Leadership Competence Model for Braveheart

Leadership Benchmarking Tool 

– Video about Braveheart 2 Training course (coming soon)