Braveheart – Leadership Skills for Youth Workers was a three-phase training course about strengthening and advancing youth leadership skills for youth workers held between January and August 2017 in the Czech Republic.

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The 25 participants from 6 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain) took part in 8-days experiential training course (January 2017), 4-days training methodical training course (April 2017), then prepared and led the training course/workshop/seminar/event/activity in their home country. The participants met again in August 2017 in the Czech Republic to present their projects and evaluate their learning process.

During the training course, participants deepened their knowledge and skills in the field of leadership skills and practiced their application within their youthwork in their home countries. The winter phase was based on the challenge of 3-days winter expedition, which gave the participant opportunity to test their leadership skills. Each participant led the small group for a while. Participants also got the opportunity to deepen self-knowledge thanks to reflection, discussions and sharing based on Youth Leadership Competence Model for Youth Workers  and Leadership Benchmarking Tool for Youth Workers

During the spring phase the participants focused on chosen youth leadership skills they needed to develop (e.g. motivation, group dynamics, conflict management, self-confidence, leading activities). Afterwards they planned and presented their own projects for the summer period, which they presented in August session and evaluated their learning process.

The project outcomes are:

– Youth Leadership Competence Model for Youth Workers

– Leadership Benchmarking Tool for Youth Workers

– Be Brave postcard

– Infopack for participants