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Find your reason of being with an old Japanese concept of IKIGAI.

7 habits of a Pilgrim

Inspirational text about the attitudes of pilgrims towards the world around.

5 senses meditation

Basic meditation technique using the focus on five different senses.

Youth Leadership Competence Model for Youth Workers

Compare your competences with those of a skilled youth worker. This model is used in our training course Braveheart – Leadership Skills for Youth Workers. Together with the following tool it creates a frame to measure and develop your own youth leadership skills.

Leadership Benchmarking Tool for Youth Workers

Measure your youth leadership skills and set the goals for your learning. We recommend you to use this tool together with the competence model above.

Experiential Learning Handouts for Instructors

The handbook that will make your youthworkers‘ life much easier. Read through a handy summary of the experiential learning theory, goal setting, program preparation, reflection and risk management. Created by Outward Bound Czech Republic, translated and updated by us.

Booklet of Activities Play Your Cards Right II

Games are one of the most important parts of method of experiential learning. Good instructor should know a data bank of various activities, and we hope that this booklet will enrich your youth work and improve yours and your participants satisfaction and learning.

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