Edita Floriánová

I am a woman. In 2006 I was the one who said let’s organize a youth exchange. And this was the moment when Czekobanda was established and we began working in the field of youth work.

I’ve been formed by the non-formal education for more than 10 years and I found out to be an important part of my life and me. Now I partly work as a trainer for the Czech National Agency.

Firstly I experienced experiential education in the Netherlands participating in two trainings of self-development. Slowly, we started incorporating the method into our projects as finally we organized two trainings about experiential education. I used the methodology throughout diverse trainings, workshops and team-buildings I organize.

My life is also influenced by my regular job. I work as a psychologist and social worker in therapeutic community for drug users so from time to time I feel like living experiential education every day. It brings me never ending variety of unthinkable situations and moves my comfort zone always a bit further.

Finally, I was influenced by living in different countries and travelling with my backpack and thumb up.

To sum it up, I like working with groups and youth focused on self-development, different cultures, widening my and others viewpoints.

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