Jan Kolář

Jan Kolář

From 2004, when I started my studies at university, I work and get experience in three fields and try to connect them as much as possible.

The first field is psychology. I graduated in Psychology in 2011 and worked as psychologist for three years. I am about to finnish my five years Psychotherapy training to be ready to work as psychotherapist.

The second field is experiential learning. I work and volunteer in the Czech Outward Bound since 2006 and organize experiential learning courses for youth with different social background (youth in foster care or orphanages, top international schools etc.) as well as various groups of adults (teachers, volunteers, corporate teambuilding etc.).

The third field is nonformal education and it’s much connected with Youth In Action and Erasmus + programmes. It started in 2005 when I took part in the first youth exchange.  A year later I was there when Czekobanda was created. We organized together three youth exchanges and two training courses. In 2008 I went for my EVS to France to discover another ways of work with youth. After my return I worked as an EVS coordinator and a mentor as well. In 2014 I beacame an Erasmus + trainer for Czech National Agency. I do various trainings for E + projects applicants, EVS volunteers and youth in general.

I believe that everybody can learn and grow when he/she has right conditions for that. I like creating such conditions and watching other people grow. That’s what makes me happy and my work meaningful.

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