Jan Labohý

Jan Labohý

New projects give me new energy as well as meeting new creative people. I believe that work is a mean of self-realization and I only take jobs that help me to learn new things and improve myself.

I spent five years volunteering and then working in an NGO Veronica on climate change mitigation and adaptation on local level. Then I changed my way and became a lecturer and outdoor cooperation trainer in 2013. I’m using experiential learning methods with teams willing to improve their communication and cooperation, paying particular attention to the issues of teamwork, team communication, leadership and improvisation. Recently, I became interested in connecting NGO needs and corporate trainings in one new product.

I studied media and communication studies, political science and environmental science at Masaryk University in Brno. I’ve organized and led many trainings of non-formal and experiential education for youthworkes and teachers both for Czech and international groups and I’ve developed experimental personal development courses for adults in the Vacation School of Lipnice (Outward Bound Czech Republic).

I’ve been involved in the Erasmus+ (and Youth and Youth-in-action) since 2006. My journey went through taking part in youth exchanges, organizing exchanges and seminars and working as a project evaluator. And I hiope it is still not the end 🙂

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking in the mountains, acting in the improvisational theater, dancing swing and making people smile.

Check my profile on Odkaz na Linkedin skrze ikonku: cz.linkedin.com/in/labohy

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