Play your cards right II

Play Your Cards Right II – Summer Challenge is a three-phase training course about effective methods in outdoor learning and experiential education for youth workers held between June and September in the Czech Republic.

The 24 participants from 6 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia) took part in 8 days training course (June 2015), then prepared and led the experiential-learning-method-based event/activity in their home country. The participants met again in August in the Czech Republic to present their projects and evaluate their learning process.

During the training course, participants deepened their knowledge and skills in the field of experiential education and practiced their application within their youthwork in their home countries. They also experienced and learned the principles of experiential learning while working with culturally and socially heterogeneous group. Participants also got the opportunity to deepen self-knowledge and develop their key competencies with special focus on “Learning to Learn” competence.

The project is built on the model of Kolb’s learning cycle. Participants went through the following phases:

First hand Experience -> personal reflection -> vocational / methodological and theoretical insight -> practice and feedback -> preparation, implementation and evaluation of proposed project -> reflection of their own project and learning process.

In other words, youth workers got the first-hand experience with the programmes, games and activities used in experiential learning, learned and understood the theory behind, shared experience and good practice from their own youth work, tried out the role of an instructor leading the activity for other participants and planned and developped their own projects based on the experiential methodology in their home countries. After the project realisation, participants came together again to reflect on their new experience, share the new ideas and get more inspiration for their future work as youth workers.

The project outcomes are:

– free ebook “Booklet of Activities” including the participants’ games and activities

– “Experiential Learning” handouts enriched of the Risk management chapter

– blog with information about events and projects organized by the participants and with the outcomes mentioned above (

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