Richard Lukáš

I graduated at Charles University in Prague in the field of Sociology and currently am I studying the Master in Psychology. My first encounter with experiential learning was in Jules and Jim, an NGO organizing orientation programs for newly established classes at schools. I have been working there as senior instructor for 5 years. I was also working for 3 years in the QED GROUP, which was offering psychological consulting and trainings to corporate business. I left it, because schools, education and youth work interested me more than trainings for companies like Japan Tobacco. Currently am I working in EDUin, which is think tank trying to improve Czech educational system through bringing information to the public, networking, lobbing and watchdogging. My desire for experiential learning was fully satisfied in Vacation School Lipnice, where I organize summer trainings since 2013.

I am interested in group dynamics, teacher education, school system improvement and educational policy. I like any kind of physical activity, winter mountains, art creation, simplicity, sauna and smiling, open-minded people.

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